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    Default 《《 Sanjay Dutt pooh poohs problems with Imran Khan 》》

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    On his birthday, which falls on July 29, Sanjay Dutt feels very charitable towards those who have apparently not been kind to him.

    Shrugging off stories of Imran Khan undercutting his role in Luck, Sanjay says, Imran is like a little child. He was very respectful through the two films weve done together. Hes a good actor. I wish him luck and I want him to grow into an actor as big as his uncle (Aamir). Imran is too young to create problems for me.

    Sanjay says he did Luck for a lark. I did it just to help Soham Shah. I really didnt have the time or date. I told him to just cast me in a small role, which would finish quickly. In fact the role shaped up bigger than planned. As long as it makes some money and no one loses any, Im happy.

    Hours before his birthday Sanjay is chilled out. But he has regrets about not being able to be near Amar Singh on his birthday. I couldnt even visit Amar Singhji because by the time the visa materialized the surgery was over.

    My wife Maanyata was there. But I speak to him everyday. Hes out of the hospital now. He sounds better. Ive seen his health deteriorate during the election campaigns.

    God gave me an opportunity to look after my elder brother during the elections. Im glad I was around. I cant do ads or work within corporate sectors, because I am a convict.

    But cheering up Sanjay says, I heard Bunty Walia is coming. Everything he does is announced on Facebook. So he has announced hes coming for my birthday.


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