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    Default Salman took me under his wings'

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    How did Bollywood happen?
    Becoming Miss Universe UK 2008 brought me worldwide fame and got me noticed the world over. Thatís how the
    offer to play a fun-loving English princess in Veer came my way. My character has a big part to play in the film. In fact, I found it easy to slip into the role since it is so much like my personality.

    Were you aware of Bollywood and more importantly, Salman Khan when you inked the deal?
    I have always been a fan of Bollywood. Luckily, I had an idea of how big Veer is going to be. Itís a huge opportunity for me and I have loved every minute of it.

    Most perceive Salman as an angry man. Ever faced his wrath on the sets? What was the best part of shooting with him?
    Working with Salman has been the highlight of filming. Since I was new to the industry, he took me under his wings. I got taught by the best. I hope to make him proud since I know how much Veer means to him.

    A lot has been spoken about your resemblance to Katrina Kaif...
    Katrina is a beautiful woman, but we are different in our ways.

    Did you and Katrina exchange notes?
    Katrina is a very nice person. We got along like a house on fire, but I would like to spend some more time with her and get her views on Bollywood. I would need some advice on what course to take next.

    You seem to be fascinated by Aamir Khan. Do you wish to work with him?
    After working in Bollywood, Iíve become a lot more aware of the industry. Aamir Khanís Ghajini was the first film I got to see. I loved it. Aamir is talented. Iíd love to get a chance to work with others, including John Abraham and Katrina.

    And how keen are you on working with Shah Rukh Khan?
    I would love to meet him. He is a talented actor and has done amazingly well in Bollywood. He is one of my role models.

    Are you aware of the SRK-Salman tiff?
    Itís none of my business. Call me biased, but Salman is a thorough gentleman.

    Now that you have a foothold in Bollywood, do you intend to stick around?
    Iíve already had offers, but I want to take one step at a time. During my time in India and even when I was on the sets, I felt relaxed. I hope to further my career here and visit more often in future. As far as other Bollywood ventures go, thereís nothing confirmed yet, but watch this space. I hope I will be liked and Iíd love to return soon.

    So, would you rather do the song and dance routine in Bollywood or something more artsy?
    I was dancing before I could walk. I love the routine and the hard work that goes into each scene. But I also love how Bollywood has struck a fine balance between mainstream and arthouse.

    The general notion is that international actors have no qualms about nudity. How comfortable are you with getting your kit off?
    I am only 21 and I donít think I would do my parents proud, stripping down. I want to be known for my talent and not just my beauty.

    What was the best part of Bollywood and India?
    I canít pin down any one thing. I enjoyed every minute of my stay here. Iíve met some great friends and have had some great experiences, on and off screen.

    How do you intend to use your filmís earnings?
    I am an ambassador for a British charity, The Joshua Foundation. We raise money for children with terminal illness and make their last wishes come true. In August, I will be going on a fact-finding mission to Australia to save the environment.

    Finally, what does your boyfriend have to say about your Bollywood debut?
    Alas, I no longer have a boyfriend. With all the filming and travelling, it was hard to maintain a long-distance relationship. We are still friends and will meet up when I return to UK.

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