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    Question Salman had an unexpected guest from Karachi

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    Salman had an unexpected guest from Karachi
    By Subhash K Jha

    Salman Khan's birthday celebration on his farm at Panvel on Saturday had an unexpected 14-year old guest from Karachi.

    He was none other than than Adnan Sami's son Azaan who's currently visiting his father in Mumbai.

    Azaan's bonding with Salman at the latter's birthday is now the talk of tinsel town. Apparently the star, known to connect instinctively with his young fans took to Azaan in a big way and made sure the boy felt comfortable in the alien environment.

    In fact all the guests including Adnan were agog when Azaan and Salman disappeared for almost an hour.

    Laughs Adnan, "Later I came to know that Salman took Azaan for a ride on his buggy scooter (an all-terrain vehicle) on the beach. My boy was simply blown way. He says it was one of the best experiences of his life.

    His hair was windswept when he came back with Salman and he had that far-away look in his eyes that I hadn't seen while Azaan did the other fun things in Mumbai with me.

    Salman is a very dear friend. And although he had hordes of birthday guests to look after he made my boy feel special and comfortable. I'll never forget that."

    And now Azaan want a buggy scooter of his own. "Of course I'll get it for him. There's nothing I won't get Azaan. All he has to say is he wants it. On the way to Salman's farmhouse in Panvel Azaan tasted Mumbai's junk food, pao-bhaji, bhel-puri etc, for the first time. Now he wants to take some of that also back for his mother."

    But the one baggage that would be toughest to transport from Mumbai to Karachi is Adnan's pet golden-labrador Rock. Apart from the practical problems of transporation there's an emotional obstacle to the canine migration.

    Adnan's second wife and Azaan's stepmother Sabah is very attached to Rock.

    Says the doting father, "There's nothing I'd deny my boy. But this is between Sabah and Azaan. Rock is very attached to my wife. And now he has taken a shine to my son in time at all. My dog even sleeps comfortably on the same bed as my son. Azaan does want to take him back."

    Earlier Adnan had offered to send another of his dogs Jazz to Karachi for Rock. Jazz is now with Adnan's parents in Houston.

    "So it's now Salman's buggy, Sabah's dog and Mumbai's bhel-puri that my son wants to take back to Karachi."

    Quite a goodwill ambassador from Pakistan, this 14-year old!

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    Thank you so much for sharing .

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    Woh nice thanks for sharing ..

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    thanks so much for sharing.

    nice to know that salman is so friendly



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