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    Default Salman to take the train???????????

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    A little birdie tells me that Salman Khan wants to travel by a Mumbai local train. It seems the last time Salman took a train was over 20 years ago!

    I am told that Salman Khan is quite keen on connecting with the aam junta, who he hopes will watch his next film Wanted.

    Salman, you see, plays a middle class bloke called Radhe in Wanted who travels by trains and auto rickshaws. Now I know that Salman Khan took an auto rickshaw on the night of Amrita Arora's many wedding celebrations. But this time, Salman is sure that he does not want any bodyguards travelling with him.

    So our chappie has decided to take a train from Bandra to an 'undisclosed location' in the post-lunch hours today to experience the chaos in Mumbai locals. Nice touch to the publicity Salman, but those who travel in trains everyday will tell you that afternoon crowd is no crowd really. Anyway, all the best dude!
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