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    Default ★ Salman gives Rs. 25000 to a beggar ★

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    He might be the bad boy in Bollywood but when it comes to doing charity Salman Khan has a golden heart. While shooting at Bandra for Boney Kapoor's Wanted Salman's eyes went towards a beggar lying on the street. His memory went to his childhood and he seemed to recognise the person from whom he used to buy kites as a young boy.

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    Salman went to him and asked him if he was the same person. The beggar was shocked to be recognised by one of the biggest stars in Bollywood who bought kites from him as a kid. Salman gave him Rs 25000 and brought him some new clothes and food. The beggar was delighted to receive that princely sum from what could easily be his most celebrated customer.


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    wow salman.. u rocks..

    I usually forgive.. but only ma self



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