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    Default Salman Khan sued for 'Veer'

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    Gurgaon-based writer Pavan Choudary, the author of a book called A Trilogy Of Wisdom, has alleged that the scriptwriter of Veer has copied a ‘thought’ or a ‘concept’ from the Hindi translation of this book, published last year.
    He has filed a case against producers Vijay Galani and Eros International, director Anil Sharma, and scriptwriter and hero, Salman Khan. The hearing is today at 10.30 am, says Choudary.

    “A Trilogy Of Wisdom is an exploration of Chanakya’s political, Confucius’ social, and Kabir’s spiritual wisdom,” Choudary explains. “In the Chanakya section, I have developed and presented my political dream for my country – the culmination of which is that ‘desh ko sone ki chidiya nahin, sone ka baaz banana hai. Kyunki chidiya ko toh baki pakshi noch noch kar kha jaate hain, par baaz ki taraf koi aankh utha ke nahin dekhta.’”

    He adds, “I saw a trailer of Veer in which there’s a dialogue – ‘Hamara desh ek sone ki chidiya hai jise aap log bhinch bhinch kar apne pet main dharna chahte ho ... munh mein nahin aayegi chidiya ... kyunki woh chidiya baaz ban chuki hai.’ It’s a complete pickup (sic) from my thought. It’s like taking away from Lal Bahadur Shastri the words, ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan.’ Yeh unki saari zindagi ka saar tha. Toh woh saar hi le gaye mera,” complains Choudary.

    After seeing the trailer, he says, he had a legal notice sent to Salman, Sharma and Galani, and also to Eros International. “I wanted to give them the chance to respond. I filed the suit on Saturday. I’ve had absolutely no response from them,” says Choudary. And what does he want from them? “I’ve asked for damages, but that’s not my main thing,” says Choudary. “What I want is that the paternity of this idea be attributed to me.”

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