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    Default Salman Khan makes Katrina Kaif wait till 6 am

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    Katrina Kaif waited till 6 am in the morning for her act. She turned angry as Salman Khan delayed her shooting and she had to wait so long. Katrina was at the Yash Raj to pre-record her act while Salman Khan was to shoot at the same studio around 1 am. Salman Khan arrived at the studio and insisted to shoot first. Says a source from the studio, “Khan had not rehearsed his act. His costume wasn’t even in place, but he was adamant on doing his act before Katrina. He shocked everyone.

    Initially everybody thought he was there to see Kat’s act, but he really wanted to finish his shoot first. He said he wanted to wrap everything in one take. Since the crew wasn’t prepared for Salman’s act, everything — from his song, to his clothes and his dancers — had to be called in.”Katrina was asked to wait till Salman finished up, “She was there first and really lost her cool when he barged in and decided to record.

    There was nothing she could do, except wait. Past midnight, she decided to call it a wrap and shoot the following day after the event.” Not only Salman delayed Kat but she was also asked to wait for Shahid Kapur’s act. Finally, Kat ended up at 6 am in the morning.

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