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    Default Salman Khan condemns Emraan Hashmi

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    Salman Khan

    Emraan Hashmi stirred the nation when he made a statement regarding cast discrimination. He said that he was denied an NOC to purchase a flat at the Nibbana Housing society in Bandra because he is a Muslim by religion. His religious comment was not welcomed by many personalities from various walks of life. But he was strongly supported by his industry Godfather Mahesh Bhatt while his other co-stars like Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan who are also Muslim by religion condemned Emraan Hashmi’s wrong allegation.

    Speaking to media, Salman Khan said that if people of this country discriminate actors on the basis of their religion then they would not be the same what they are today. He added, Salman Khan won’t be Salman Khan if people would not have love him and Shahrukh Khan would also not be in such position today if the society discriminate him on the basis of religion. He said that it is more of Emraan’s image that the housing society denied flat in their locality. Emraan’s image of serial kisser might have arose doubt in the mind of the residents.

    Salman Khan further said that in the past 44 years he had never felt discriminated. Shahrukh added that India is growing because people had overcome the barriers of religion, castes, class in their hearts and minds.



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