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    Default Salman Khan adds Sumit Dutt to his favorite list

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    Salman Khan who is on a high after the success of his films has added Sumit Dutt to his bag of favorites. The visual maverick Sumit Dutt and Salman Khan's bonding dates back when Sumit Dutt directed the title track of the movie HELLO, and has directed Salman's two more chartbusters in READY. The song Dhinka Chika and Character Dheela have been directed by Sumit whose direction was spot on and added to the success of the song. The duo have already created a blast with their new song Desi Beats from BODYGUARD, Sumit Dutt has already become one of Salman's favorite people to work with.

    Sumit Dutt a New York Film School pass-out, he specializes in understanding the pulse of the audience and the mindset of the people. A background in advertising, having directed commercials for the biggies of the industry- Hindustan Levers, Godrej, McDonalds and others. He has now made a smooth transition into films with the phenomenal success of READY's Dhinka Chika and Character Dheela.

    "Today, songs unveil the films and are no more just a relief provider in the story," says Sumit. With digital media getting stronger each day, people want to see songs which are visually rich, entertaining and most importantly, to which they can connect. This is where Director Sumit Dutt comes in.

    A source reveals that, "Salman is fond of Sumit and feels at ease working with him, he has full confidence in him and knows for sure the song is a hit." Further the source reveals, "Salman is making sure he directs all the songs for his movies, and is also getting movies for Sumit. Salman is also giving him a piece of advice as he takes him as a part of family."



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