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    Default Salman: IPL has glamour and speed !!!

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    The superstar speaks about everything but marriage and SRK !!!

    Salman Khan spoke exclusively to CNN-IBN and candidly answered about all the controversies that chase him regularly. Here he is, speaking to Anubha Bhonsle on Shah Rukh Khan, on Salman being a Muslim and about his family. Here is Salman unplugged and Simply Salman.

    We have Salman Khan speaking to CNN-IBN viewers for the next 30 minutes, speaking on everything except films and marriage. Now, that's a rare interview. It is a rare interview because now we get to hear so much about your other interests. It was nice to see you at the Nehru Cup final match. You are now the ambassador for Indian football. How did that happen?

    Salman Khan: It happened rather quick actually and then I thought that it was a very good thing. Prafull Sir said, "Are you interested?:" and I said, "Yeah, I'd love to." My nephews, my nieces, all my friends' children are all absolutely crazy about football. I think that if we do this thing correctly, football will do really well in this country.

    Are you a soccer professional yourself?

    Salman Khan: No, no. I used to play. But now I have been out of practice for many years. I guess this is another way to get back into practice.

    How was the Ambedkar stadium match? Did you stay there till the penalty shots?

    Salman Khan: No. I missed the action. No one had scored any goals and as soon as I left, Syria scored agoal, then India scored an equaliser. After that they had penalty strokes and India won.

    It's okay, perhaps you are its lucky charm.

    Salman Khan: I think Syria ranked 98 and India was 150th. India beat Syria, that's a good thing and a good start.

    I am sure that Baichung and his boys were ecstatic to see that you were there in the stands. I am a little curious, though. You are an ambassador for football and interested in an IPL team. How does that work?

    Salman Khan: Why not? If there was a swimming team, I'd do that, if there is a cycling team, I'd do that. I just want to get into sports. If I was able to somehow get people into gyms over the years, I am sure I can get people onto the field as well.
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