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    Default Salman furious with Sohail after MAMK’s debacle

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    Apparently, Salman Khan is unhappy with his latest release Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, which has diluted the effect of his last hit, Wanted. The film directed by first-timer Prem Soni had a lukewarm opening at the box office and has been trashed by critics. Says an insider, “Last Friday, when Main Aurr Mrs Khanna released and opened to only 10 per cent collections, an infuriated Salman called over his brother Sohail (the film’s producer) and director Prem Soni to his home and asked them to explain the reason for the debacle.The source continues, ‘Salman told them that in the promotions, they’d projected him as the main lead, when he was actually in a supporting role and that said that his fans were feeling cheated.Salman has always been very clear about the expectations of his fans and he was hurt that this time his home production had sent out the wrong message.”

    Salman also added that the film hadn’t shaped up like he’d been told. He told Prem too in no uncertain terms that he was very disappointed with his work.”The meeting called for by Salman, soon escalated into a full-scale argument between him and Sohail. So much so, that their dad Salim Khan had to intervene to sort it out. Of course, by the weekend, the two brothers sorted out their issues but there’s still a question mark for Prem’s film. Though Salman is very attached to his brothers and family, he feels he needs to do better films now and Sohail should have had more control over the script and editing.”The source adds that Salman also expressed concern over the next three films being made under his home banner – brother Arbaaz’s Dabaang, Atul and Alvira Agnihotri’s next which was being directed by Prem Soni and the sequel of Partner. He wanted to be sure that the scripts would turn outright.

    Sohail Khan says, “There was no fight between Salman and me. Films are a part of our lives… there will be some ups and downs but most of them have been ups thank God.” The rumour is that Salman is not doing Prem Soni’s next produced by Atul Agnihotri. Sohail says, “It’s still in the scripting stage, let Prem finish it. Then I think things will move forward but Prem’s a sincere boy… and we will keep the association going.”When told that about Salman not wanting to work with him, Soni says, “I am not aware of this. I have not had any conversation on this with Salman at all after the film has released. As far as I know, he’s not upset with me. And he hasn’t told me that he’s not working in my next film.
    Salman is one of the nicest human beings I know and not the kind to behave like this. He’s very upfront and straightforward and would have told me if he wasn’t.”



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