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    Default Salman Eyes, Bags… Success!

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    Psssstttt, media guys could get a black eye from Salman Khan, no less, for letting you, dear reader, into this. But what the hell, we'll risk it.

    Hear it… like it is… Salman Khan has undergone a blepharoplasty. Er, in simple terms, it just means having the 'bags' under his eyes 'fixed' by cosmetic surgery. Yeah, Sallu's bagged some cutting edge beauty, scalpel style.

    Over the weekend, Salman Khan sported dark glasses throughout the one hour episode of 'Big Boss 3' and the following day, he showed up walking the ramp and wearing glasses for his 'Being Human' show.

    Word has it that Salman had flown to Dubai a while ago, and a doctor from Singapore flew in especially for treating his 'baggy' eyes ailment. It's Salman, for your eyes only.

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    i think he has sillicon solders



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