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    Default Why Saif made Kareena do Mujra?

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    In today's time when hot item numbers are in great demand and add sparkle to films, Saif Ali Khan is treading a different route with his upcoming film AGENT VINOD. Saif is reiterating the magic of 'Mujra' in this film, which seemed to have vanished from Hindi cinema. Saif's beloved and co-star Kareena Kapoor will be seen doing her first Mujra song in the Sriram Raghavan directed film.


    When we probed the actor-cum-producer about the idea behind having 'Mujra', Saif unequivocally said, ''We haven't seen a classic Mujra happening on-screen for a long time. We had enough discussions over it - like should we do an item? Should we get another big star and do a hot number? As most Hindi films have hot songs. Hot in terms of outfits and the presentation of the camera. And finally we thought we would go slightly different and make it interesting in terms of expressions and music.''

    Not just Saif even his business partner at Illuminati Films, Dinesh Vijyan wanted to have a Mujra than a raunchy item number in the film.



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