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    Default Saif insists Kareena looks good only with him

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    Kareena Kapoor has managed to sail through her relationship with Saif Ali Khan for last four years unabated. They are planning to get hitched this year April/May. Actress Kareena Kapoor, the reigning queen of Bollywood will be soon seen with the beau Saif Ali Khan in 'Agent Vinod' and the latter is hopeful the pair will deliver a box-office hit. Saif Ali Khan didn't mince words when asked which of Bollywood's many Khans does his girlfriend, actress Kareena Kapoor look best with.

    As you all know, Kareena is one actress who’s worked with every notable Khan in the industry from Shahrukh Khan to Imran Khan. So when at the launch of Agent Vinod’s first teaser, Saif was asked to name the Khan, Bebo looks good with, Saif said happily that she looks good only with him and there is no comparison. He can only think about himself with whom she looks good.

    But surprisingly, Kareena was absent from the event making people suspicious. But Saif has an answer to that too. He said that they have divided to conquer…. she will be seen in next promotional activities. Well, fine if that’s the case but why is she missing from the first poster as well which just has him on it? Does that mean she has the same kind of glam doll role that actresses have in such films? Justifying the poster and Bebo’s role in the film, Saif cleared that Kareena has a strong role in the film. She’s done justice to the role and vice versa.

    Well, given the fact that Kareena wasn’t so happy about the action content, we hope she doesn’t get relegated as Saif’s arm candy in the film!

    The first poster of the movie features only Saif in it. However, he promises that unlike other action films, the actress has a justified role in his film too.

    "Kareena has a very strong role in the film. She has done justice to the role and the role has also done justice to her," Saif said.

    The shooting of "Agent Vinod", directed by Sriram Raghavan, took a while. And Saif denies rumours that the delay ensued due to budget hassles.

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