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    Default Saif Ali Khan was nearly handcuffed in New York

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    Coming from a royal lineage, where his whims and fancies have been treated as commands, Saif Ali Khan’s raucous rich boy antics have often landed him in trouble with the law. Though the Chote Nawab has almost every time found a convenient escape route out of the messy legal web, he recently had a shave so close with the law that he was on the verge of being handcuffed and put behind bars. Shooting in New York for Rensil D’Silva’s flick ‘Qurbaan’, Saif with Vivek Oberoi in tow landed in trouble with some policemen. The two actors were almost arrested by officials who had no clue about the actors’ identity.

    Story goes that Saif And Vivek were shooting for a scene in a hilly region of the city. As per the scene, the two actors were required to drive hastily.Unable to capture a perfect shot, the duo, much to the annoyance of the locals, gave umpteen shots to get the sequence right.Peeved by the harsh driving sequence, the locals called up the cops, who wasted no time in interrogating the actors. Despite the two actors repeatedly telling the cops that they were actors from India and were shooting for a film, the cops refused to believe them. And it was only after the intervention by the production crew that the cops let go of the two actors.

    Confirming the incident, a news daily quoted a source as saying, “Even though the production team saw what was happening on their monitors, and one of them immediately rushed to help, it took him a good 10 minutes before he could reach the actors. By then, the cops had almost arrested them on suspicion and were all set to take them to the police station.

    However, the unit member rescued the actors in the nick of time. The cops only let them go after all the necessary documents were shown”.

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