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    Default Saif Ali Khan looking for his childhood love

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    Saif Ali Khan

    All knows that Saif Ali Khan’s is not a one woman’s man. In his life, he has been entangled with many girls. Though presently he is seeing Kareena Kapoor, his heart still hunts for his childhood girlfriend with whom he had spent his early days. Saif had lost touch with his childhood friend for more than three decades but still his heart craves for her and desired to meet her.

    The Chotte Nawab still cherish the dream of his ex-girlfriend and used his blog to hunt the girl that he had lost connection. In his latest blog, Saif mentions that he is searching for “the girl I grew up with.” He bade her goodbye when he was only seven. It has been a long time that Saif and his childhood ex departed but the actor claimed not to stop his search until he gets her.

    He refused to reveal the name of the girl but posted a picture of the girl with a butterfly stuck on her hair which he had gifted her.

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