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    Default Why Sachin feels he's getting younger...

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    Noted actor-director sachin has always been complimented on his boyish looks and great energy. The same verve was fairly evident during the music recording of Rajshri Productions' latest film, JAANA PEHCHANA, which Sachin is directing and playing the lead in.

    As the veteran actor-director moved about vigorously greeting all those present including music director Ravindra Jain, Sachin was once again complimented for his young looks. On being told that he looked just as young as he did in ANKHIYON KE JHAROKON SE, Sachin said, "No, that's not true." Smiling mischievously at the questioner's bewildered expression, he added, "I look younger! My waist is now smaller than it was in that film."


    Sachin is well known for his witty repartees. But what was pleasantly surprising in this case was that he was absolutely right! Wearing a light blue half-sleeved shirt over a neat pair of denims and a matching cap, he could give several actors half his age a serious complex.

    Well, his return to Rajshri Productions, his favourite banner, and with Ranjeeta also starring in JAANA PEHCHANA opposite Sachin, the 'family reunion' seems to have done him good! With Sachin at the helm, it will hardly be surprising if JAANA PEHCHANA becomes as big a hit as ANKHIYON JHAROKON SE!

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