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    Default Another row in B-Town?

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    After Aamir Khan and Javed Akhtar’s verbal row making headlines the past week, Sonu Nigam and Vidhu Vinod Chopra are the latest ones to join the list.The duo got into a heated discussion over some copyright issues. Things went from bad to worse between them compelling other members of the committee to interfere and resolve. The argument was triggered with Sonu proposing that the producers should keep 50% of the movie’s profit while the music director and the singer should keep 25% each.

    Vidhu clearly disagreed, and to his defense retorted that the losses should then be equally born by the music director. The situation got out of control when Vidhu told Sonu to f*** off, in retaliation to which the infuriated and shocked Sonu demanded that the director mind his language.The incident was confirmed by Sonu Nigam who said whatever happened has happened. As for Vidhu, he confessed his ill tempered tongue in the face of the heated excitement. He claimed further, having nothing against Sonu.

    In fact, right after the meeting, Vidhu went up to the singer to sort the issues, a fact that has been affirmed by Sonu, and the argument was resolved.What remains however, is the instigating matter of conceding greater chunk of the profits to the music director and singer for the film. The committee is yet to make its final call.

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