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    Default RIVAAZ-a sensitive subject told in an interesting way!

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    Deeksha Screen Entertainment and Laurel Entertainment's Friday release, RIVAAZ, directed by Ashok Nanda is a hard-hitting social film that deals with prostitution as a family business in some parts of India. The selfless director was so moved by an article that he read in a newspaper about certain communities forcing their own daughters into prostitution that he researched for over three years, shot their live videos and self financed RIVAAZ (Trapped in tradition), which releases today. His motive is selfless and he just wishes to bring an end to this practice.

    RIVAAZ stills

    When we asked the erudite and soft spoken Ashok Nanda as to why he did not allow the sensational lead actress, Meghna Naidu, to use any make up and in fact in parts she was made to look ugly, he said, "Actually the characters have to be realistic to go with the story. But we have handled the sensitive and hard-hitting film in an interesting way. The general impression is that art films are supposed to be dark and dull but that is not the case with RIVAAZ."
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