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    Default Rituparno's new film to portray timelessness of relationships

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    Relationships have been redefined in Rituparno Ghosh's 'Abohoman', a timeless tale of how love is ripped of its divinity caught in the quagmire of socially unaccepted norms.

    Explaining the proverbial Pygmalion concept of a mentor's relationship with his muse, Dipankar De, who plays the lead role in the movie, told UNI here today, ''Abohoman revolves around the life of a film director played by me who has a relationship with a much younger actress, played by Ananya Chatterjee.'' The role of the director's wife has been played by Mamata Shankar. In the film, the protagonist meets his wife on the sets of 'Nati Binodini', a film within the film, which was later abandoned.

    Decades later, the director revives the project and finds a young woman who is good enough to play the role of Binodini. The relationship between the director and his muse reaches new dimensions when it blooms into a subtle love relationship which infuses bitterness into his marital life leading to complications.

    Commenting on Binodini's character, De said, ''Though she is involved in a relationship with the director, her mentor, which doesn't have a legal sanction, the character is never maligned or ripped of dignity. The movie portrays the different contexts which gives birth to new relationships and how it affects others.'' It also captures the trials and tribulations which Ananya faces to establish herself as a struggling theatre artist, bringing to the fore, noted Bengali dramatist Girish Ghosh's affiliations with Nati Binodini, an actress who had carved an immortal place in the history of Bengali theatre, De added.

    The film has also tried to subtly capture the different dimensions of female bonding.

    Explaining the nuances of the film, De stated, ''Mamata Shankar (who plays the director's wife in the film) is actually trying to relive her dreams through Binodini, a character she wanted to play in her heyday. Later, she mentors Ananya and develops a bond of friendship. But her joys of reliving her dreams are shattered when her student develops a love liaison with her husband.'' Hitting the theatres on January 22, the movie promises to present a new perception on relationships lost in urban complexities.


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