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    Default Rituparno Ghosh's 'Abohomaan' to be released Jan 22

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    Maverick filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh's new Bengali celluloid venture "Abohomaan", portraying the complexity of a relationship between a director and an actress which takes a toll on their family lives, is all set to hit cineplexes Jan 22.

    "The film is about the complexity of a relationship between a filmmaker and an actress. I hope the audience will enjoy this new movie," Ghosh told a reporters here Friday.

    "The film revolves round the plot of a well-known Bengali film director, Aniket, and his wife (Deepti) with whom he had fallen in love while making the film.

    "The plot thickens when the director planned to shoot his unfinished film and took the audition of a young actress, Shikha, who bares an uncanny resemblance to his wife when she was young. Deepti begins to coach Shikha for her husband's film so that she could fit well in the role," he said.

    "Later, Aniket falls in love with Shikha despite troubles he faced in his family due to his new relationship."

    Ghosh said the film has already drawn accolades from across the globe and was screened in Montreal World Film Festival 09, Pusan International Film Festival 09, Mumbai Film Festival '09 and Morocco Film Festival '09.

    "Abohomaan", starring Riya Sen, Dipankar De, Jishu Sengupta and Mamata Shankar, is produced by Reliance Big Pictures.


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