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    Default Rishi Kapoor scowls as Deepika watches!

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    It was an event of some interest when the cast of Saif’s first home production came down to Delhi. It wasn’t because of the others – it was because Rishi Kapoor and his son Ranbir’s girlfriend, Deepika, were there together, sharing the stage at the screening of the film. Rishi Kapoor didn’t seem to be in the best of humour, and the vibes between the two didn’t look particularly friendly (although they spoke briefly). Rishiji didn’t seem to be having a great day overall, in fact. Towards the end of the screening, when the film’s team was to assemble at the Leela Kempinski hotel, he was the first to get there.

    After waiting for a while, he strode out of the hotel to its porch, with the production team in his wake, declaring, “I’ve waited for too long, I’m leaving!The production team pleaded with him at the porch to take a seat in the hotel’s restaurant, saying, ‘They’re in the other car, they’ll be here in just two minutes, Rishiji … ’ All the while, Rishi was hollering for his stuff to be put into his car.Eventually, they coaxed him back to the lobby, where he issued an ultimatum, “You said they’ll be here in two minutes, let’s wait for two minutes.” After a while, the team succeeded in taking him to the restaurant, where he waited for some more time.

    Who he was waiting for, we don’t know, but when director Imtiaz Ali walked in much later with his wife, they went to greet Rishi. In addition, it turned out that Rishi’s beti Riddhima, who stays in Delhi with hubby Bharat Sahni, wasn’t too well, by her own admission. Bad Delhi day, Rishi?

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