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    Default Revealed - British Raj connection in Blue

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    "250 feet deep lies the secret of Blue"

    This is what the promotional material of Anthony D'Souza (a.k.a Tony) directed film Blue has screamed ever since the film's publicity campaign began. There have been quite some talks about the film revolving around a treasure hunt which is hidden deep inside the sea. How number of characters from different walks of life come together to hunt for the treasure even as danger is lurking right down there forms the basic crux of this under water adventure thriller.

    However, it has just been revealed that this forbidden treasure, which is the focus of attention for everyone, is nothing but India's own. And there is a British connection to this as well!

    Informs a source closely attached to the film, "Blue is not entirely a piece of fiction. There is a definite reality to the basic plotline of the film. The origin of the story dates way back to 1947 when India had gained independence and British had left Indian shores. However, while doing so, they went all out to put a dent on Indian economy. They had taken away a lot of treasure with them."

    After an extensive research, it was revealed that Brits took 20-25 ships filled with treasure. One such ship sunk in the sea and no one ever got to know about its whereabouts.

    "This is how the basic germ of Blue was born", continues the source, "From this real piece of fact, Anthony D'Souza went on to spin an entirely fictional tale on how a group of people decided to hunt for this ship deep under the sea and lay their hands on the treasure."

    Akshay Kumar, leading antagonist of the film, confirmed that Blue is indeed about the hunt of treasure that Brits had taken away from India.

    "Yes, the film is about our very own treasure and Tony has fictionalized the entire story all very beautifully", says Akshay without revealing too much about the film's plot, "My character of Aarav forces Sagar (Sanjay Dutt) to join him in the adventure and hunt for this treasure."

    There are also talks that his character is an out and out black one in Blue.

    "Not really black, but it is that of grey", clarifies Akshay, "He is just like any other common man who wants money. It's just that the extent he goes to achieve the impossible and lay his hands on all the money is what makes his acts a little different from the rest."

    Also starring Lara Dutta and Zayed Khan along with Katrina Kaif and Kylie Minogue, Blue, which is produced by Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd and has music by A.R. Rahman, would be seeing a massive worldwide release on 16th October.



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