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    Default I refused Ghajini because there was no Akki in it

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    I refused Ghajini because there was no Akki in it
    Just recently, speaking at a function at Subhash Ghai's film school Whistling Woods in Filmcity, Goregaon, filmmaker Vipul Shah made many candid confessions.

    "I only do films with Akshay because our chemistry works at the box-office and also because we are good friends. When I am working with him there is no risk. He is so dedicated and honest in the kind of work he does. " revealed Shah when he was asknothg ed why all his directed films featured Akshay Kumar.

    Vipul was first offered Ghajini to produce. He recalled, "I remember when the director of Ghajini Mr. Murugados approached me to produce the film (Ghajini) his choices for the lead were Hrithik or Aamir.

    So then I told him that if Akshay is in the film only then I will produce it. But things didn't work out so he went to another producer. "

    Despite his last film, Singh is Kinng was panned by critics, it went on to make big money at the box office. So how did he take the criticism about his film?

    "I accept the movie was not extraordinary. There were so many mistakes in the film but in spite of that it did well at the box-office and was the first blockbuster of 2008.

    And for a movie maker all that matters is that he gets his money back home with the interest and Singh is Kinng did that for me, " he replied honestly.

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    Thank you very much for sharing with us.

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    well akki is a very lucky man to have a film maker only want to do movies with him in it. seems like we will be seeing lots of akki this year



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