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    Default 'Rann' music more situational, less hummable

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    "Rann"; Music Directors: Amar Mohile, Bapi-Tutul, Sanjeev Kohli and Jayesh Gandhi; Lyricists: Prashant Pandey and Sarim Momin; Singers: Abhishek Naiwal, Jojo, Sukhwinder Singh, Kunal Ganjawala, Sanjeev Kohli, Jayesh Gandhi and Vardan Singh; Rating: **

    The music of Ram Gopal Varma's latest offering "Rann", which has Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role, is not one that music buffs would like to sit and listen to. All the songs are situational and might look good on screen, but they are not really pleasing to the ears.

    The album, composed by five composers, has seven songs.

    "Besharam", sung by Abhishek Naiwal, is not hummable, but the music is hard hitting and vocals are full of punches. The song oozes anger. It is an average song but might appeal to people when juxtaposed with visuals.

    Next is "Gali gali mein" with Jojo behind the mike. The song is a complete mockery of politicians and the political system in the country. It is a kind of hate anthem with a strong orchestration that gets noisy at times.

    Then Sukhwinder Singh comes in with "Kaanch ke jaise", which has a haunting start. There is less orchestration in the song and the focus is on the lyrics. Sukhwinder's high-pitched voice makes an impact and appeals to the listener. This is by far the best song of the album.

    Up next is "Mera Bharat Mahaan". Crooned by Kunal Ganjawala, it is a song similar to "Gali gali mein" since this too talks about the problems in our country. It is fast-paced but not so interesting.

    Next we have "Rann hai" by Sanjeev Kohli. The tone of the song is repetitive and this too exudes anger on the current state of affairs in the country.

    Then there is "Remote ko bahar phek", which can easily be clasified as the worst song of the album. It tries to portray the psyche of news channels. The fast-paced rap number sung by Jayesh Gandhi might be suitable on screen but as a stand-alone number it is a complete put-off.

    Finally there is "Sikkon ki bhook". Sung by Vardan Singh, it starts with a few headlines of news channels. This too is situational and quite similar to the other songs of the album.

    Even though Varma has roped in a bevy of composers for the soundtrack, the album doesn't offer anything extraordinary.


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