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    Default Rann is 100% inspired by real life , says RGV

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    The maverick Ram Gopal Varma can’t help but play with fire. It is alleged that his work Rann, that is based on the electronic media, is 100%
    inspired by real life. Though RGV hid behind a careful “Rann is a work of fiction, 100% inspired by real life” at a recent press conference, the grapevine says that the film draws specific references to certain politicians, media czars and industrialists.

    Rann is a drama that shows the misleading, deceptive and devious side of the news business on the one hand, and the curious, generous and indispensable side on the other hand, in its effort to see which will carry more weight in today’s India.

    Of course, what everyone is curious as hell about is who RGV has modelled his principle characters on. The filmmaker smiles mysteriously as he says, “Well you’ll have to watch the film to see the similarities between the reel and the real life characters who people are imagining that I have drawn inspiration from.’’ And though he won’t say it, talk is that in the plot line there is a passing reference to two industrialist brothers who are currently at war with each other.

    Anyway, what RGV is ready to throw light on is the fact that he has modelled the character of his protagonist Amitabh Bachchan on the lines of a Dr Prannoy Roy. “When Prannoy launched his channel three decades ago he came with a lot of respectability and credibility. Mr Bachchan’s character is on those lines, but he has not been modelled exactly like Dr Roy.’’

    About Riteish Deshmukh, Ramu says, “Riteish in Rann is a serious kind of a guy. In real life Riteish is a deep thinking serious guy. It is only in his cinema that they have made him some kind of comic actor. In Rann, I didn’t want him to be typecast. On the contrary, I wanted him to be in sharp contrast to his comic characters.” Again with Paresh Rawal, RGV says he wanted to bring out the menace the actor showed in his earlier films like Arjun and Dacait. “He is a sophisticated politician who people say has been modelled on Lalu Prasad Yadav. I don’t think so. He is an amalgamation of several politicians. He wears dark glasses like Dr M Karunanidhi. His other mannerisms are borrowed from various others.’’

    The new actor find Sudeep in Rann is a famous Kannada actor whose voice and intensity are his strength. He plays Mr Bachchan’s son... and is the perfect negative character in this set up.

    Rajat Kapoor plays Mr Bachchan’s son-in-law, a person to whom nothing matters more than money.

    Neetu Chandra is Sudeep’s wife, who believes completely in her man. And, Gul Penang is the sort who is only interested in her own life and the fluff surrounding it. A senior journalism-watcher remarks, “It helps if the allusions are specific. The audience can easily identify the filmmaker’s reference points and the narrative then seems more powerful.”

    In jest, at the same press conference, RGV remarked, “The media thinks it is mine and Ritiesh’s revenge on them.” He was obviously referring to his ill-fated visit to Mumbai’s Taj post the 26/11 for which he drew a lot of flak.



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