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    Default Ranbir Kapoor is COVER BOY of 'Yuva'

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    He is Hot, he is Cool and he is Sid! He is someone, who comes with a statutory warning 'Beware ladies! Look...I am coming'. Well, he is Bollywood's latest blue eyed boy - Ranbir Kapoor, who, with his performance in Wake Up Sid, made everyone sit up and take notice of his talent!

    Looking at his ever-increasing fan base, it becomes obvious that he is the eternal youth icon. Hence, it comes as no surprise to know that he is the cover boy of Yuva, the magazine for young India. Ranbir, does belt out a few verbal gems in this freewheeling interview, whereby, on Deepika, he says that "We are like any normal couple with a career. We are busy working, we exchange notes once in while, give feedback to each other, spend time together". He also clarifies the faster-than-fire kind of rumor that had he and Imran Khan are coming together as partners to form a production company. He rubbishes the rumor saying that, "Let me put it on record, that's completely false. Imran and I won't mind doing a film together, but we haven't found anything that interests us. Even this whole thing about us being very close buddies is just talk".

    Seems like there's so much more to Ranbir than just his famed chocolate looks. Needless to say then, this issue of 'Yuva' is indeed a must-buy for those who know Ranbir and for those who wish to know Ranbir!

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