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    Default Will Ranbir desert Katrina?

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    Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti has been the grounds for a growing friendship between the two stars but the film itself also pairs Katrina with Ranbir on screen.

    But the latest teasers of Raajneeti also show Katrina married to Arjun Rampanl. So does Ranbir desert Katrina?

    “The answer to that lies in the movie and you will need to see it for that. Both Ranbir and Arjun’s characters are neither completely good nor are they completely bad. There are different shades to all our roles and characters,” says the actress.

    “We all share a very complex relationship. There are many shades to our characters. And that’s what this movie is about – the complexities of relationships,” she adds.

    Katrina’s role in the film is said to be essayed on Sonia Gandhi and while the film makers have denied the similarities, the styling and mannerisms tell a different story.

    But while the world maybe going ga ga over Katrina’s persona in the movie, the actress herself doesn’t think her role is the most eye catching. In fact Katrina’s favourite character in Raajneeti is that of Nana Patekar’s.

    “I think Nana’s role is the best. It has the least words but yet the most potent and crucial role. And that’s what I like.. he knows everything that is happening but he lets it known very little. He is a man of few words but what he does say hits right home,” says the actress.



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