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    Default Why Ranbir could not work with dad Rishi?

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    Not many people know that in the beginning, Rishi Kapoor was supposed to play the role of Ranbir Kapoor’s mean boss in Aditya Chopra’s recent release ‘Rocket Singh’. The entire team of Yash Raj was in for casting Ranbir and Rishi together. It was only Aditya who was against the idea as he felt that the audiences would not accept Rishi Kapoor as a negative boss to his own son. Well, the decision seems to be fair and for the good because Manish Choudhary who has played the role is getting rave reviews for his performance.

    Rishi Kapoor confirms this saying, “I’m told that Yash Raj wanted me to play the role. They finally decided otherwise. I think they felt the baap-beta jodi wouldn’t be acceptable as boss-employee.”
    At the same time, Rishi praises Ranbir’s performance and says, “Ranbir has lived the character Rocket Singh, though I feel there should’ve been more Punjabiyat in his speech.”
    Ranbir is all smiles with his father’s praise. “Dad is my greatest critic. He’s such a brilliant actor, I can never match him. When he said he liked my performance in ‘Rocket Singh’, I finally felt I had given a decent performance,” said Ranbir.



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