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    Default Rakhi Sawant dumps Elesh?

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    Rakhi Sawant, the actress who created a sensation by featuring in the reality show Swayamwar to select her husband, may not marry the winner Elesh she had chosen.

    Elesh and Rakhi are now a part of another reality show Pathi, Patni aur Voh. Reportedly, the actress told during the show that she and Elesh follow a very different lifestyle and it is difficult to contemplate a marriage in such a scenario.

    Sources in Bollywood and critics have always predicted that their relationship would fizzle out once the show is over and this now seems to be a possibility. There are reports that the two could announce their split on the final episode of Pathi, Patni aur Voh. It is worth a mention here that Elesh and Rakhi were supposed to wed in the final episode of Swayamwar but they decided to settle for an engagement.




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