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    Default Rakhi kissed me first: Mika

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    Mika Singh, the popular singer, is one of the three new entrants on Iss jungle Se Mujhe Bachao.

    While Rakhi is trying to find herself a suitor in Mumbai, Mika, after spending only one day in the jungle was ready to reveal his deep dark secrets.

    Not only that, Mika also probed Akashh on his relationship with Farah Khan but our bad boy chose to keep mum and instead asked him about his infamous kiss-sa with Rakhi. Mika started with his side of the story and hereís what it was!

    Mika had thrown a birthday bash, where he had actually invited Rakhi's boyfriend. But Rakhi tagged along with her boyfriend and was being overfriendly with Mika. So much so that she smacked the birthday boy's face in front of his bodyguards. Mika didn't appreciate this behavior and wanted to teach Rakhi a lesson. That is when an angry Mika kissed Rakhi... and she left the party to only return after two hours with a whole bunch of people to fight... the issue was stretched to such an extent that it reached the court. Mika wanted to settle it but Rakhi was in no mood to do so. And the rest as we all know is history. Aakashh says that Mikaís kiss made Rakhi popular otherwise who knew her before this.

    Of course, we all know what the kiss did to her... thatís why her latest show had one of he suitors repeat history and kiss her several times. Now Rakhi could not take him to court, so she got him eliminated instead. We are sure Ms Rakhi Parujanwala will not appreciate this confession at all!



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