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    Recently we heard that Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra ruffled some feathers when he had the teaser trailer of Prakash Jha's Rajneeti removed from the interval of 3 Idiots at it's screening before the film was released.

    Apparently, the audience were impressed by the movie once the trailer of the multi-starer Rajneeti hit the screen. The audience couldn't stop talking about it even after the second part of the movie commenced.

    Suddenly, Prakash Jha claims that Chopra felt threatened and insecure about the trailer, leading him to have it forcefully removed from the interval. However, Reliance Big Pictures (the distributors for 3 Idiots) have a different story to tell.

    Chairman Amit Khanna has stated that Jha had not spoken directly to Reliance about the screening of his trailer and as such, Reliance has no commitment to play the trailer during their print of 3 Idiots. Instead, this would rely solely on the paid advertisements that individual theatres have.

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