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    Default Rajeev Khandelwal: I am jealous of Salman Khan

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    Rajeev Khandelwal: I am jealous of Salman Khan

    Like most actors the Soundtrack star too might want to break box-office records in the company of blockbusters like Dabangg, Ready and Bodyguard, but for now he is envious of superstar Salman Khan for more personal reasons. Rajeev Khandelwal, the host of Sach Ka Samna 2 reveals some comfortable and some uncomfortable truthsÖ

    Itís easy to put someone in the hot seat and grill them to reveal secrets. So we thought why not put the Soundtrack actor, who is hosting the second season of the controversial TV show Sach Ka Samna, on the spot. And to our surprise, the good-looking Rajeev Khandelwal does a pretty good job of dealing with truth. At times he shows his human side, filled with strong emotions like anger, jealousy and pride, and at other times he comes across as detached, a mask he likes to hide behind at most times for survival in the glitzy, glamorous world of films

    Have you ever wished you were not an actor?
    No. Who would want to give up his/her passion!

    Have you ever regretted quitting television?
    No. Never! On the contrary I am glad I did that. I wouldnít be where I am today had I not quit TV back in the day.

    Have you ever wished you could change something about your launch vehicle Aamir?
    No. Itís a classic. A consummate film.

    Have you ever wished you were a Khan or a Kapoor?
    No. I am proud to be Khan-delwal.

    Have you ever wished you had acted in a particular film?
    Yes. All the films of Mr Yash Chopra.

    Have you ever regretted saying no to a film?
    No, thankfully!

    Have you ever turned down a film because you were not happy with the money offered?
    No. I have lowered my price to be part of interesting and exciting projects.
    Have you ever felt that you are a better actor than some top male stars in Bollywood?
    No. I am top in my own category.
    Have you ever suggested an actorís name for the part of leading lady to your director?
    Yes, whenever I have been asked for my suggestions.

    Have you ever wanted to desperately work with a director?
    Yes, Mr Yash Chopra!

    Have you ever felt the industry has been unfair to you?
    No. I donít blame others for my hardships, just as I donít credit them for my achievements. Every individual faces challenges. Self pity is a sad approach.

    Have you ever lied to your parents or wife?
    Yes, many times.

    Have you ever looked at another woman after getting married?
    The questions are getting tougher. Hmmm I will have to say ĎYesí. Plenty of times.

    Has your wife ever had a problem with your kissing and lovemaking scenes?
    No. At least, that is what I feel.

    Have you ever been jealous when your wife appreciated another actor?
    Yes. She loves Salman Khan.

    Have you ever broken a law?
    Sadly Ė yes. Traffic laws at times.

    Have you ever wanted to hit a person?
    Yes, recently, not one but two people. I will write about it in my autobiography.

    Have you ever wished you did not live in Mumbai?
    No. Itís unthinkable now.

    Have you ever wished you were a superhero?
    No. I like humans. Humans created superhumans. Iíd rather be the creator then the creation.

    Have you ever dreamed of going Hollywood?
    Yes. I would love to go international.

    Have you ever got bored of acting?
    No. I donít think I will ever get bored of acting. Not in this lifetime.
    ...being a human...



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