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    Default Rahul Bose gets ''Fired'' in new pyscho-thriller

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    One doesn't have to get fired to empathise with those who have been laid off, actor Rahul Bose, who confessed of getting fired from several jobs earlier, feels.

    ''Personally speaking, I got fired from every job I held in the advertising field every three months,'' Bose declared at the ''Wince'' discussion on layoffs held here yesterday.

    The Wince is a platform that allows people to share personal experiences.

    ''Being laid off is not funny to people who have got the pink slip, and people rarely take about the excesses and nature of capitalism until the bubble bursts and recession rears its ugly head,'' the actor said.

    Speaking about his soon to be released pyschcological thriller '' Fired'', the actor said that the film deals with the impact and repercussions of getting laid off and the pain and angst that accompanies such development on both the victim and perpetrator.

    The film has Bose playing the role of ''Joy'', a hard nosed executive with a scandal riddled track record. To prove his ability as a leader, he sacks 121 of his colleagues including Ruby Herminson, with whom a married Joy is having an affair.

    After a tiring day in his office, Joy realizes the gruesome and super-natural force that is bent on extracting a revenge.

    ''Joy is an unpleasant fellow, but he's so bad that he makes the role look good. The story is about the guilt ridden Joy and is based on a true story. I think its a film every banker should watch. It is a sharp thriller. The television version will of course be toned down,'' Bose said about his ''A'' rated pyscho-thriller.

    ''The guy fires 121 people and has to live with his decision.

    Initially he thinks he's halucinating, but things get much more serious ,'' director Sajith Warrier said.


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