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    Default Rahman & the burden of expectations

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    The word ‘achievement’ begins with the alphabet A. So does the name of A R Rahman. And, the connection between the two seems to have been
    decided by divine destiny.

    After having started out as a keyboardist who got that magical break in Roja way back in 1992, Rahman’s musical journey has explored every corner of the universe. From the South, his sounds travelled to the North. From India, his music caught the imagination of the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Then, when he worked with the filmmaker Danny Boyle in Slumdog Millionaire, he ended up winning almost every award, including two Academy triumphs.

    Achievement. Allah Rakha Rahman. Academy awards. Three A’s came together. During his Pune visit, we ask the genius if his twin win is just the beginning. He says modestly, “It’s once in a lifetime. It might happen again, it might not. Slumdog Millionaire was an excursion for me. I never expected to win an Oscar for it. It depends on the film, the vibe and the subject.”

    Does he feel stifled by the burden of expectations? Composed as ever, he says, “The burden of expectations has always been upon me, whether at the regional, national or international front. For me, everybody is important. While there are certain elements that might be repeated, the creative element is the scariest aspect of composition. Even while giving one’s creative best, there is always a fear lurking whether the music would be appreciated or not.”

    Now that he has stepped into the global arena, is he experiencing any changes? The maestro answers, “Nothing has changed. Since the time I started composing, I felt that my music should go international. I work very hard on my music, that’s the reason I do one film in six months.” That’s also the reason why his music defies mediocrity. And, that explains how many of his films have made an impact on the box-office and beyond.
    How does he ensure longevity for his music? “You have to take great care to do that. The audience always wants to listen to the best, and one has to deliver to their expectations. Sometimes the music works, sometimes not, but the effort and the intention is the same.”

    Every music director has his own approach to creativity. What path does ARR adopt? “It’s more of a mental preparation. When I hear a story, it goes into my system, and I can’t take it out of me. That’s the reason I avoid meeting people; it then becomes difficult to say no,” he smiles.

    Talking about the current music in the Indian film industry, he says, “A lot of good things are happening, but I miss the mastery over classical music in the compositions. The concerted effort of directors and the whole team to give good cinema is indeed praiseworthy.” We all know that a true genius is humility personified. That, for you, is ARR.

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