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    Cool priyanka underwent plastic surgery

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    Does the beauty queen really not realize how beautiful she is? Well rumors are flying that the uber chic and super hot Priyanka Chopra has gone under the knife and had done a lip and a nose job! Is the gorgeous former Miss World not as naturally beautiful as we think?

    Well recently a channel aired a story featuring a doctor who claimed to perform plastic surgery on the actress. The physician spoke about what actually went down when Priyanka Chopra allegedly came into his office and went under the knife. You would think that was evidence enough but Priyanka Chopra still denies going through the procedure and says she will be taking legal action against the physician. She was furious when the doctor revealed details about her surgery. Was she furious because she didn't want her secret out or was she furious because the physician's claims were all lies?

    Now the actress has come forward and said that there is nothing wrong in plastic surgery. So why the crazy reaction to her doctors claims? If there's nothing wrong with plastic surgery who cares if her doctor said she had gotten it done. Wonder what Koena Mitra has to say to that...Anyways...what do you guys think about all this back and forth banter about this babe's plastic surgery? Is it real? Is it fake? Or are the only fake parts on Priyanka Chopra's face? Let us know what you think about this juicy story!

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    thanks reshma for sharing....

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    Thank you very much



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