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    Default Priyanka takes a jibe at Bips, Rani and Katrina

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    Priyanka takes a jibe at Bips, Rani and Katrina

    Nowadays going de-glam is what every Bollywood actress is dreaming about. With the cut throat growing competition around, most of the A list glam gals are intending to shun their hot and glamorous image for once and let their role do their talking for them.

    Bipasha Basu, Karishma Kapoor Rani Mukherjee have all done it. Katrina Kaif is the latest actress who will be going de glam for Prakash Jha's Rajniti.

    But Priyanka Chopra does not believe in going de glam for a role in her film. When quizzed about it the actress says, "By taking off your make up you don't become a better actor. I think that it is something to hide behind and say I am uninhibited.

    Half of Fashion I didn't have make up. I will do it when needed not just to show that I am acting well. And I think that is a greater challenge for any actor."

    The actress says that to have a commercial success and yet have critical acclaim is what she will look forward to. "We make films for commercial success and I believe in box office success I don't want to see my films just in the drawing rooms. I like to balance. For me cinema is cinema I want to see films where I could be entertained" she adds further.

    Priyanka says that she learnt the ropes of acting only by trial and error. "I do not belong to the film industry and didn't go to any school of acting. My first day in Bollywood was like going to a nursery."

    When prodded further she ads "I don't think I have graduated yet as far as acting is considered. I am still in the 3rd standard right now" she adds with a smile.

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