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    Cool Priyanka-Shahid flirt on Facebook

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    We all know how secretive his Priyanka about her relationships, her romance with Hurman Baweja wasn’t officially confirmed till the lad broke the news about their break up.

    Well Piggy Chops is back to her flirty ways and this time its her Kaminay co-star Shahid Kapoor, if we believe their Facebook profiles to be authentic, then lot of action is going on between the two rookie lovers.

    Priyanka’a login name at the social networking website is a carefully planned ‘Sir Pranks-a-lot’, apparently Priyanka is so addicted to Facebook that she even made Shahid open an account at the website.

    A common buddy of both the actors reveals, “They (Priyanka-Shahid) keep writing on each other`s walls, commenting on each other`s status messages and poking each other.

    Priyanka`s relationship status was in an invisible mode when she was with Harman, but after the break- up, she`s listed as single. Shahid too is listed as single on his profile.”

    “Shahid is called Sha-Sha by his close friends, but Priyanka calls him Shaks. In fact, she has addressed him as Shaks in most of her messages and he calls her Peefee.”

    Check out their wall-to-wall chat and status message below:

    Statusir Pranks-A-Lot is freezing her ar*e off in Chicago

    Shahid Kapur comments…

    It`s rare how some people can sleep through such natural disasters.

    Wall-to-wall: Sir Pranks-A-Lot (Priyanka) wrote…

    Wassup… Shaks?

    Shahid Kapur wrote…

    Peefeeee… on ma mind!

    Well guys what do you think, are these authentic profiles or someone is up to some mischief?

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