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    Default Priyanka and Katrina will soon be seen together..

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    Recently, news was that Katrina Kaif backed out from a film when she got to know that Priyanka Chopra got the meatier role to play when compared to her.But when it came to paying homage to the King of pop, both Kats and Piggy forgot all the rivalries and are looking forward to do an album together for Ganesh Hegde.
    Choreographer Ganesh Hegde has performed for the opening act of the legendary Michael Jacksonís History tour in Mumbai in 1996 and now he is all set to celebrate the 52nd birth anniversary of the King of Popís. Apart from the warring babes, the album also features Hrithik Roshan.
    Ganesh said the music video is his tribute to Michael Jackson, who he grew up idolizing. He admits that every song of his has been inspired by Jackson, either in the mannerisms or in the footwork. He is his icon and his untimate death, left him devastated.
    The album will be released only in October this year, but since Aug 29 is Michael Jacksonís birthday, he wants to release at least one of the tracks on that day.



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