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    Default Priyanka is furious with Shahid Kapoor…

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    We are all aware of the latest Bollywood buzz that Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are seeing each other. Now, grapevine has it that the power couple had a fall out recently, when Piggy Chops got to hear Shahid’s growing closeness with Asin. This news didn’t go well with Priyanka.
    Shahid and Asin bonded really well over while shooting for an ad in Hindi and Tamil. It was the Tamil language, that led to this bonding. Since Shahid does not know Tamil, the ‘Ghajini’ actress was seen teaching him with great interest. They shared a good camaraderie.

    “The ad that we were shooting for was in Hindi and Tamil. I could manage it as I know both the languages. But Shahid was struggling with the Tamil part of it, so he took my help in getting the language right. He didn’t know Tamil at all, so the entire exercise turned out to be a fun session,”
    Asin told.
    The situation took a turn when when Priyanka made a surprise visit to her boyfriend Shahid Kapoor. The actress turned pale on seeing Shahid sharing good rapport with Asin.
    “Priyanka was not very comfortable seeing Asin and Shahid’s easy camaraderie,” says a source.
    Hope things get well soon between the two.



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