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    Default Priyanka falls victim to Fashion, gets eye infection

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    Bollywood stars have to go through a lot to look like their on-screen avatar and create a glamorous persona. Cosmetics have a huge hand in adding a starry factor to the looks of an actor, though, over-use of cosmetics can be hazardous to health.

    The testimony to cosmetic allergy is our very own Piggy Chops; who is learning it the hard way, as she is now suffering eye infection due to excessive use of contact lenses.

    “She has recently developed a red eye due to continuous use of contact lenses and back-to-back shoots has taken a toll on her eyes, ” says our khabroo.

    But in spite of pain, Priyanka is continuously shooting for her next film Pyaar Impossible. “They are shooting back to back so PC doesn't have time to take some rest. Though doctors have given her medicines and eye drop, and she is taking precautions, ” informs the source.

    Even with a red-eye Priyanka is still wearing the colored contact lens, just to maintain the continuity of her shoot. As our source informed, “It is still a bit difficult for her to shoot, as when they need a continuation sequence of Priyanka, she has to wear the lenses.”

    Not many people know that Priyanka is a big patron of a reputed optics store in Lokhandwala (Mumbai), from where she orders for her colored contact lens in bulk.

    Well one thing's for sure, there no way Piggy Chops is buying a contact lens in the shade of red anytime soon.


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