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    Default Priyanka deserves the award: Madhur

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    Ashutosh Gowariker’s comments on Priyanka Chopra not deserving the Best Actress award at a recent awards function, has left the industry

    While the actress has withdrawn into a dignified silence she has told friends that Gowariker who’s currently directing her in What’s Your Raashee said what he felt and that she holds no grudges.

    Too private and dignified a person to speak against anyone Priyanka has apparently made up her mind to finish her work on Raashee and move on quietly.

    Says a source, “It’s not a good time for Priyanka. Shayad usski raashee achchi nahin hai, pun intended. What’s Your Raashee is the toughest role of her career. Priyanka not only had to enact twelve parts she also had to assemble all twelve parts on the screen together for the climax. It sapped her. She even fainted on the sets. And now after having won every single popular award for Fashion it’s a shame that she was publicly told that she didn’t deserve the award, and that too from her own director. Anyway Priyanka is a professional. She hasn’t allowed her breakup with Hurman to affect her on-screen chemistry with him. She won’t let this incident sour her.In fact she jokingly told a friend she hopes to be back at the awards with Raashee.”

    Fashion director Madhur Bhandarkar is far more openly vocal. “I’m shocked by what Ashutosh had to say. We’re friends and I admire his work. More than us, our wives are very close friends. If he felt this way he should’ve shared it with me and Priyanka, not spoilt the golden moment for her on stage. Priyanka got every popular award. Doesn’t that prove she deserves it?”

    What shocked Madhur more was the fact that the criticism came from Priyanka’s own director. “He’s working in What’s Your Raashee with Priyanka. That’s what makes his outburst more baffling and contradictory.”

    Gowariker seems to have rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way the awards function.

    One of the hosts for the evening says, “After Boman Irani and Riteish Deshmukh did their skits on Anil Kapoor and the best films of the year Ashutosh Gowariker stormed back -stage and gave Boman and Riteish a firing. What’s his problem, yaar? Who appointed him the industry’s resident MNS?”

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