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    Default Priyanka Chopra's gesture touches people of UP city

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    Till last night, thirty year old polio-stricken Nahid Beg was an unknown ordinary citizen but things have changed for good overnight- thanks to the gesture of cine star Priyanka Chopra.

    Nahid Beg, a participant in the 'Sabse Bada Fan' programme on a television channel, hit the limelight straightaway when Priyanka donated him an amount of Rs 7.72 lakh to realise his dream of opening a computer training centre for the handicapped poor.

    Priyanka, who hails from this city of Uttar Pradesh, was touched with the ordeal Nahid had to go through to make both ends meet.

    Consigned to spend his life in penury, the polio-stricken Nahid had to earn his livelihood by giving tuitions from an early age of fifteen.

    Being nostalgic about the city, Priyanka Chopra, now a big star, announced to help him by donating Rs 7.72 in the TV programme last night. She also sang the famous song 'Jhumka Girs Re, Bareilly Ke Bazaar Mein' on the occasion.

    Immediately, Nahid has become a known figure in this conservative town and his address has been made public. Not only Nahid Beg but the entire population of Bareilly is touched by the gesture of the current heartthrob of the nation.

    He said the help from Priyanka would help realising his dream to run a computer training centre for the handicapped and poor.


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