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    Default Priyanka Chopra on all the Ks and her next film Saat Khoon Maaf

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    Priyanka Chopra on all the Ks and her next film Saat Khoon Maaf

    It's not the best day for Priyanka Chopra to be talking. She's suffering from a throat infection. She offers me some kaadha, I politely pass the offer and coax her into chatting about her films, future plans and her foe Katrina Kaif. Here's how it went. Excerpts from an interview.

    You've been away from home for over six months, you must be homesick.
    Yes, it's been around six months. I was away for Anjaana Anjaani and then I came back and headed to Kashmir and Coorg for Saat Khoon Maaf. As for feeling home sick, my family comes and visits. And I carry my home with me -- pictures, things I am comfortable in etc.. I travel with as many as seven suitcases. I love
    the outdoors and going out of Mumbai. The experience of going to a new place and discovering it makes it worthwhile.

    Did you like Coorg?
    I was very excited about going there because I'd heard it was beautiful but once I reached there, I realised I had no network! I need to be online and on the phone, all the time, so I was in depression for 10 days! Then I got so used to it that now I don't carry my phone around with me the whole day. I couldn't use my phone for three days straight, because you had to go to a particular place to get network, and I had lots of ups and downs emotionally.

    Saat Khoon Maaf is your most difficult film to date, right?
    I play a character who progresses from the age of 20 to 65. So it's easily one of my most difficult films. It's very difficult to maintain a graph. Also, Vishal has very high expectations from his actors, which adds to the pressure. And to top it all, the make up used to take five hours every day. We used to start make up at 2 am and shoot till 10 o' clock in the night.

    Tell me about the challenges of working with prosthetics and make up to look 65...
    It's the worst thing for your skin! It was extremely tedious. While the make up is being applied, you can't move, talk, or eat. Your entire skin is being stretched to create wrinkles. They use alcohol, latex and other harsh products on my skin and I used to feel like I am wearing a clay mask the whole day. Then, after shooting, it used to take another hour and a half to remove it. After pack up I would stay back after every body else left just to take it off. It was extremely tiring.

    What was your first reaction on seeing yourself as a 65 yeard old?
    Everyday it was the same! It was very difficult to look at myself. But the good thing is that I got to play that character when in my 20s.

    How did you work on the body language?
    I watched older people on set, made them get up and stand (laughs). It's not based on any character so no one can be like Suzanna.

    Did the critical acclaim of Fashion and Kaminey give you the confidence to take on a role like SKM?
    Well, I would have done the film even before Fashion. But maybe not five years from now. Because I am young, playing such an older character is more challenging, but maybe five years down the line when I am not working that much, I may not have done it. The challenge of it is to do it at a time when I am doing commercial films and am looking hot and fabulous.

    Vishal has never repeated his leading ladies. Do you feel special?
    I adore Vishal sir, I think he's one of the greatest filmmakers India has Hopefully SKM will be one of those films which he will be proud of. I don't think I would want him to call me his muse, but it's been great working with him.

    Madhur, your other favourite director, is working with Kareena on his next....
    Arre yaar I work with other directors na, so Madhur can work with other actresses. Madhur and I are not married! I think Kareena is a superb actress, and together they will be a lethal combination. That will be a film to watch out for.

    Why haven't you signed another film after Kaminey with Shahid?
    I am getting offers with Shahid, in fact a lot film makers have approached me. But he is only doing Mausam till like next year, and then after that I am busy till June- July. After that I am sure we will do something, because a lot of people have spoken to me about projects. But there's no time as of now.

    How did you break the ice with Ranbir for Anjaana-Anjaani?
    I have always known Ranbir, we've hung out socially once, and also at parties. We know the same crowd. But I only got to know him during Anjaana-Anjaani. There was no ice to break really, we both are talkative, friendly people. We got along.

    Did you get to visit casinos and have fun during the Vegas schedule?
    Not really, because casinos are not my style. I don't like gambling at all. I watched a lot of shows, went for movies and dinners while in Vegas.



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