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    Default Priyanka Chopra greets you with Hello

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    'Girl Uninterrupted' is exactly how Priyanka Chopra has been described in the latest issue of the fashion and lifestyle magazine 'Hello'! And we just couldn't resist agreeing to that. The article surely is a one-of-its kind interview, where Priyanka actually speaks her heart out on topics that have never been touched before!

    Not many people know that this hot chic had even got a marriage proposal from someone as old (read 'young') as 6 years! Priyanka confesses that "A six year old boy once said he wanted to marry me... and when I told him he was too young, he said, I will wait till I turn 18!". For the cool lady who gave us the smash hit Dostana, this is her take on friends! She says that "You cannot have 25-30 friends; if you have even four to five who go back to your childhood and who will vouch for you... consider yourself lucky."

    All this and more...only in the latest issue of Hello, a mast-must buy!

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    i think this is a repost



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