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    As the entire world is looking forward to the coming New Year, actress Priyanka Chopra looks back on the year 2009 and reminisces. The actress reveals that it has been a good year in terms of movies and awards for her.

    "2009 has been good for me. I won 14 awards this year as the best actress for a film like Fashion. So it has been weighed heavily on me. They say female centric films don't do well but Fashion proved something else. I give the entire credit to my Fashion director Madhur Bhandarkar"

    The actress also revels in the fact that she has done different genre films this year. " It has been an important year. I have done films like What's Your Raashee where I played twelve different roles. Then there was Kaminey which once again was a difficult film for me. I could not identify with the roles I played because in Kaminey I play this lower middle class Maharashtrian girl and the upbringing she has. I couldn't identify with the instrisinc earthiness because I am a modern girl, yet people liked me in the role. I got critical acclaim. They have all been very difficult films for me and they were films which challenged me as an actress. It was nice to spruce up and gamble. I have done it with complete faith" she says.

    Now Priyanka is looking forward to the New year with her forthcoming venture Pyar Impossible where she plays the beauty and Uday Chopra the Geek. "Then I have Sajid Nadiadwala's Anjaana Anjaani and Vishal's next film so I am looking forward to celebrating the new year too. I hope I win more awards."


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