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    Default Did Preity Zinta upset some fans in SA?

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    Our dimpled darlin’ rarely upsets her fans (though sometimes she does get into a brawl with mediafellas), and owing to her eternal bubbly image

    on screen, she has a huge kiddie fan following too.

    So ZOOM was really surprised when recently a fan wrote to us ranting about her ‘once favourite’ star – PZ. Apparently, Preity Zinta was doing a promotional event for the media with her team on the beaches of South Africa; and was so heavily into doing the drill that she was inadvertently brusque with a female fan. The girl fan simply requested her to pose for a picture and, “she bluntly refused,” said the disappointed fan.

    She also added in an email to us, “Preity, in her enthusiasm may have forgotten that the time on the beach was for crowd interaction with the players and for giving youngsters an opportunity to mingle with the sporting stars. So I was hurt when I was ignored.” Okay gal, we understand your grouse, but honestly, PZ is hardly like that. And stars do get busy and involved. Also, when it comes to work, everything else is secondary for Ms Zinta. And being a glam-gal in the sporting biz is no mean task.

    C’mon gal, be a sport, next time around we promise ya that PZ will pose for pics first, and then go back to the field. We at ZOOM will ensure that and capture it on camera too. And we can see Preity flashing those ‘dees’ already!

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