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    Default Prachi Desai gets the Third Degree !!!

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    Long ago Prachi Desai bid adieu to television, but time and again her love for television brings her back to tele-world. This time she is appearing on Ugesh Sarcar’s magical show ‘Third Degree’ as she becomes a part of his tricks.

    “As a child I use to go to see magic shows. But this is very thrilling for the reason that it is very unusual, ” she expresses. Ugesh hypnotized her and in that state of unconsciousness, she gave her expensive ring to him.

    Once she was back to normal state she could not figure out how and when the ring reached his pocket from her finger. “I was surprised that I didn’t give him the ring and it was in my finger when I checked it last, so how it ended up in his pocket!

    I really want to learn some of his tricks so I can try them later on my co-stars for the thrill factor, ” she elucidates.

    So was she really spellbound by his trick? “If you really want to be involved and be a part of the trick you will get hypnotized and have fun. I really don’t remember what had happened and how I gave him my ring, ” she answers. Oh! Ugesh is trying his hypnotizing tricks on hypnotic beauties!

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    lol thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for sharing

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