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    Age. Wrinkles. Fading. These are the worst things that can happen to our Bollywood Stars. The secodn they show signs of ageing, we write them off as aunty or uncle. Rules are a littel different for actors who can go until close to 40 before people start targeting them. But, actresses have to go through criticisim after 30. It happened to Madhuri Dixit. It's happening tOo Aishwaarya Rai. Our indian mentality pushes these stars to go for botox, facelifts, and other surgical procedures.
    Neverthless, there are some stars who decide to age gracefully without going under the knife.
    These are some stars who i think have not gone for any cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks. They still look godd but in a mature and normal way.
    Rani Mukherjee- Her looks may not be out of this world but she doesn;t have any signs of plastic surgery. She is naturally as beautiful as she is.
    Kajol- She is a rarity in Bollywood. No other actress can ever care as less about her looks and body and still be as successfull as Kajol. Kajol doesn't even get her eyebrows done let alone plastic surgery.
    Sharmila Tagore- She looks like a normal woman her age.
    Dharmendra- He looks handsome at his age but he doesnt look unnatural. He looks real.
    Madhuri Dixit- She is so beautiful that she doesn't need to go under the knife to maintain her looks.
    Juhi Chawala- I know some say that she had a nose job but she looks graceful to me and i dont think she had any work done.
    Hrihtik Roshan- He is near perfection. Why would he get anything done? Maybe 10 year slater he might.
    Salman Khan- I really dont think he has gotten anything done. Maybe a hair transpalnt but nothing else. I could be wrong on this one.
    Konkana Sen Sharma- She really is not in the race for Queen Bee and i think that;s what she wants. She is not after being the most beautful or hottest. She is another Kajol who cares more about her acting than her appearance.
    Koena Mitra- I lied.


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