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    Default PINTO Prateik supports Anna Hazare!

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    Prateik's fans have been asking the young actor to echo their message on graft and support to Anna Hazare, who is raising a voice against corruption in the country. They have created a poster inspired by Prateik's next-UTV Motion Pictures' and Sanjay Leela Bhansali's MY FRIEND PINTO that releases on October 14. They have modified the title of the movie and made a poster that has the slogan 'My Friend Anna'.

    The fans have put it up on MY FRIEND PINTO's official social networking page and have been requesting that Prateik dons this poster somehow. The producers and Prateik have got really excited with the way the fans have been voting for the slogan and asking the actor to don the words 'My Friend Anna'. Prateik is now wearing the slogan on his T-shirt as a silent support to Anna Hazare.

    Also, on popular demand for the slogan on MY FRIEND PINTO social networking page, the producers are taking forward the slogan 'My Friend Anna' in a big way. More such T-shirts, as donned by Prateik, are being made and will be distributed among to the people at the Ramlila Grounds, where Anna is currently fasting and in many parts of India, including Mumbai, where people are also supporting Anna.

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